Teaching and Lectures


  • Computational Social Science:: Using CDRs to gather information at the country scale on how people behave and how we can help society be more efficient and happier. Here's a bibliography for our work on gender and mobility readable, github,
  • Bias in the news systems of the world: (Ok, Chile, but we'll extend it) I've been working with Johan Bollen and Barbara Poblete on a project to characterize the news cycle and the outlets in the world using Twitter. You can access our News Analytics dashboard to find out more. We have been showcased in the University newspaper! (in my previous university)
  • Parallel succinct data structures: My student José Fuentes and myself (together with Norbert Zhe and Meng He over at Dalhousie U) have been working on parallel construction of succinct trees. Here's our page with some experiments, and the code itself. We did this for SEA 2015 in Paris. We also designed an algorithm for parallel construction of wavelet trees (joint work with José Fuentes, Erick Elejalde and Diego Seco), which we presented in SEA 2014, here is the webpage with the code for it.
  • Accessibility: For my earlier accessibility work, you may wish to visit here, while for iGraph-related work, you may wish to visit this page. All the sources of iGraph are available here. Note that this work is no longer maintained.